Friday, September 10, 2010

A Cape Cod gets some "Je ne sais quois"

This is the home I lived in before moving to the north shore. We still use it today as a rental, but it was quite the showplace a few years ago.

The front columns were modeled after an 18th century house in Historic Roslyn New York. They were added after being milled in our workshop out of Northern Cedar.

The porch posts were adapted to create a small deck. Oval windows were fabricated from scratch to match the diminutive scale of the house. Jonathan Grimm built them in our work shop as well.

A greenhouse and copula were added to the existing cinder block garage to give it balance and character.  The green house is a place to enjoy tropical planting like banana and orchids in the dead of Winter.

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  1. I Absolutely Love the exterior color of the house!! Would you be willing to share the Brand and name of the colors the house and shutters are painted? TIA!