Friday, January 7, 2011

Dean and Jonathan's Gardens (part 2)

These are the new gardens that are about two and a half years old, which makes it a very young garden. Red Darwin Tulips greet spring visitors. The red was selected to complement the roof of the Gold Coast home Dean and Jonathan are creating together.

Dean Yoder is out in the garden before church services taking in the Red Darwin tulip display he planted the previous fall.

 After the tulips have receded, Iris and Sweet William start to give their annual show.

Gardens can be complete in a single pot, Sedum Glaucophylum and Irish Moss create interest and beauty on the patio.

The mixed perennial border gives the green Kentucky Blue Grass lawn ornamentation like good jewelry with a beautiful dress. Japanese Poppies, Creeping Jenny, German Iris and Knock Out Roses create a riot of color.

The great lawn is a favorite place for friend to collect to sip cold drinks and take naps in the vintage Salterini chaise lounges which date from the 1930s.

The Asian garden is entered by crossing a Chinese bridge illuminated by a candle lite pagoda.  Crushed Bluestone,  with the help of metal landscape edging, create the wandering path to the Chicken-coop Pagoda House.

The Chinese Pagoda was built by both Dean Yoder and Jonathan Grimm and  is the home to their five laying hens. "Chicken coops should all be of Chinese influence," says Dean. "Chicken are originally of Chinese linage and were introduced to the rest of the world hundred if not thousands of years ago." The moon gate door splits in two and becomes a dutch door allowing visitors to observe the "ladies" while keeping them safely penned.

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