Friday, January 28, 2011

Dean Yoder; A Modern Design

In Tribeca, New York City, Dean Yoder was commissioned to decorate an apartment overlooking the Hudson River and showcase a collection of  an artist's photo montage as well as figural sculpture. A gallery shelf and lighting hung from custom back-lit Anagre panels on the ceiling make what was once a sterile hall into an exciting exhibition space. Chemically treated copper panels are clad to walls and doors at the end of the hall to create interest and dimension.

A low slung custom designed bed by Dean was specified to make morning wake-ups accessible to twin toddlers.  The parents love to play with their children in the morning.  Dean designed a wall treatment behind the bed, made from woven blocks of mahogany and down-lit them to accentuate shadows, making it a sculpture all unto itself.  Period Noguchi lanterns were hung as a collection in the room to add interest and surprise.  The Japanese kneeling bench around the bed makes comfortable meditation and perches for children possible.  Upholstered in orange leather, they are kid-friendly and practical.

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